• Stay Tuned: World Peace is a Daily Job. So Celebrate Daily!

    Okay, let's rest today in the glory of a day that was wonderful because of ALL of our efforts!

    Now in Judith's honor, let's get our resolution passed! Lots of work for lots of people.!

    First, we need to brainstorm community leaders who have a following to join us in this effort......labor leaders, teachers, university personnel, parents, you get the idea.....people who don't necessarily match us on all the issues, but who also have a self interest in seeing less of our tax monies going to that dreadful black hole we call WAR!

    Lastly, my daughter is in labor at this moment with my second grandson, Jack. Keep us all in the light today as we welcome new life into this fabulous world that persists irregardless of how much we try to mess it up.

    Rest and enjoy the glow! What gets me is that we had no TV, no daily newspaper, no weekly paper publicizing this event for whatever reason I don't know, but the people themselves with the help of Social Media got the word out. And to the people who hung flyers for us, thanks! One homeless person who came with his dog saw flyers all over town.

    And a HUGE HUGE HUG to Gary Mitchell and Rev. Joe Hoffman and the Christian Action Committee of FCUCC who were so hospitable to us coming and using their Friendship Hall. It was truly a place for Peaceful Friendships to blossom last night!

    Hurray.....and now onward in Judith's name and valor!



  • Location of International Day of Peace is now inside at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 20 Oak St., Asheville

    We put out an informal poll this morning regarding our International Day of Peace event scheduled for 9/21/11 Wednesday from 4 to 8 at Pack Square. Now Mother and Father Nature seem to be telling us to beware. Also of the people who responded to our poll, only one wanted to stay at Pack Square and make plans to change according to weather at the start time of our event.

    Therefore, in order to respond, Kasha and I have decided to move our event to the First Congregational United Church of Christ Friendship Hall, where we plan to have our dry run tonight. I am so sorry if this disappoints people too much. But thunderstorms in a wide open park are not too good to plan around. Our dry run tonight is at 4:30 pm for whomever can get there, and will continue until the Sweet Adelienes start practicing there at about 6:30 pm.

    Sponsors, please note change. Tents won't be necessary, of course. We have tables for you to set up at, and you won't have to worry about the weather. Parking can still be a problem, but that's always a problem. I suggest you drop your stuff off at front of church and then move car so someone else can unload their stuff.

    The dove release could be a problem. We can discuss this with Julia on what she thinks is best.

    I think the program may be shortened somewhat.....but you never know! We'll let the Spirit of Peace lead us.

    The church is located at 20 Oak Street, just past the bank (used to be Carolina First) there on corner of Oak and College Street where circle is. If coming from Merrimon, turn toward Home Trust at corner of Woodfin and Merrimon. If coming on 240 Merrimon or Charlotte are best exits. If you take Charlotte, exit toward downtown, make right at College Street, then proceed to Oak at Circle described above.

    Thanks for understanding. Stay tuned for other news as it comes to us.

    Questions? Call or email me. blissingstoyou@gmail.com or 828-505-9425

    We thank the church for sharing its facilities with us tonight and tomorrow night.



  • Giving Peace another Chance on September 21 all over the Globe!

    One week from today, we will do the "impossible."

    Planners of International Day of Peace will declare Wednesday, September 21 a day of ceasefire around the world.

    This will be amidst church bells ringer, white rock doves flying into the horizon, children making peace flags, and peace cranes waving in the breeze.

    This is in Asheville, NC, but things much like it will also be happening in neighboring Hendersonville, NC. Join them will be millions of other people around the globe who are sick of war, and aren't going to play that dangerous game any more.

    Members of Peacetown Asheville also plan to introduce their hot off the press resolution that will eventually go before their city council that calls for President Obama and our Senators and Congressman to abide by our demand for bringing our dollars home instead of being used to harm thousands on the other side of the world.

    Can this really happen in North Carolina? Well, much of the same thing is happening in Durham, NC, where North Carolina Peace Action Network sponsored a public hearing about their own bring our war dollars home resolution.

    Likewise, at the summer Conference of Mayors from all over the United States passed a resolution that also stressed that our mayors want their dollars brought back home, too. Thanks to the Mayors for Peace for sponsoring this resolution.

    People, believe that Peace is budding out all over! War is expensive, terribly expensive, at over a trillion dollars a year. That's money that isn't being spent on renewable energy research, or healthcare, or education, or infrastructure or anything else. This money reflects dollar signs in the eyes of multi-national war making corporations. Easy money, but those same corporations could be making trains, hybrid cars, solar panels, repairing bridges.

    "But gee, it's hard to change course," these corporations say."Let's just keep doing what we do best, building more bombs, sewing more body bags, equipping more drones."

    Americans are waking up. If you see some still asleep, wake them up.

    We in Asheville are awake and want our leaders to lead us onward to peace, not more useless and endless war. It's unaffordable, it's deadly for both sides, it teaches violence that ripples into our schools and families. It doesn't build communities; it fractures and starves them.

    No more war is what Asheville says at International Day of Peace at Pack Square in Asheville Wednesday, September 21. We truly want to give peace its chance for a change.



  • Needed: Canopy to shelter Peacetown Asheville!

    Anyone got a tent that Peacetown Asheville can borrow and treat tenderly for our International Day of Peace at Pack Square on Wednesday, Sept. 21? Send us a message at blissingstoyou@gmail.com.



  • Here are some ways you can help at International Day of Peace on Sept. 21, Pack Square, or even before

    * Contact local media to see if they will use releases we've sent.

    * Help with tables and chairs from United Church of Christ -- loading and unloading to Pack Square.

    *Pick up proclamations from city and county offices, or be sure elected leader brings copy to event.

    *Help with children's activities -- chalk and paint

    * Help put up banners.

    * Arrange children's area, including pinwheels.

    *Help be a go-fer to assist stage manager.

    *Electricians and sound system experts would be good to have around

    *People in healthcare also welcome. Please let us know where you are.

    *Call local spring water company to request big jugs of water and paper cups.

    *Check porta-potties occasionally.

    *Someone to help hang banner. Arrive early

    * Help people set up tents (10 total)

    * Volunteer coordinator

    *Help seat people and be sure they not sit in children's activities area.

    *Call faith communities to get them to ring bells at 4:27, including City Hall.

    *Add plants (borrow) for stage.

    *Help get biographical information from performers (speakers and performers)for emcees to use.

    *Monitor and help maintain website (peacetownasheville.org)

    *Distribute flyers

    *Write thank you letters

    *Set up

    *Take down

    * Record event in photography and/or video

    If you would like to be a part in this big movement for peace here in Asheville, please send us an email at blissingstoyou@gmail.com.




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